Wine-A-Rita Frozen Drink Mix

Looking for a refreshing way to enjoy your wine? Choose a Wine-a-Rita and turn any wine into a delicious frozen "wine slushie"!

Berry Pom-A-Rita
Create an out of the ordinary wine cocktail by mixing the Berry Pom-A-Rita with Blue Moon or Rudy Red or Carolina Sunset. Each wine will provide a unique blend of flavors while delivering tons of antioxidants.
Peach Bellini
A new take on an classic Italian cocktail. Mix Southern Charm for a refreshing peach wine cocktail.
Wine Glace
The original Wine-A-Rita, it's a refreshing new way to enjoy your favorite wine. Mix Wine Glace with any red or white wine. During the holidays, we recommend Christmas in Dixie.
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Be prepared for a twist on a trendy classic with the combination of the cosmopolitan and frozen cocktail. Blend with a dry white, such as Aspen Gold, for a true cocktail flavor. Use Carolina White or Honeysuckle for a slightly sweeter version.
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